NH Knits blog has moved…

Hello there, wow it’s been a busy week here at NH Knits and The Woolly Thistle.

I wanted to let you know that this blog will be retired and that the NH Knits podcast and blog has moved to it’s new home on The Woolly Thistle’s website.  There you will find a “blog” tab providing access to behind the scenes info (read: blether), and a “podcast” tab that will take you to all future podcast episodes as well as past episodes.

I hope you don’t find this move to be too inconvenient.  However, as I get busier on the internet it makes sense for me to have one hub where I go to update info, post podcasts and manage the store.

Thank you for your understanding and do keep in touch!




Ep 050 – Fleece-wise, Part 1


Thank you for listening!

With my friends and fellow podcasters; Sarah of FiberTrek, Sara of Yarns at Yin Hoo and Emily of Fibre Town I am excited to present the first of a four part series we’ve named “Fleece-wise”.  We wanted to dig deeper and learn about fleece so that at the end of the series we will, and you will too, feel confident about going to the fleece tent to evaluate the fleeces on offer and make a purchase to be proud of.

This first part of the Series features interviews with local-to-me farmers, Theresa Walker of Great Bay Wool Works in NH and Jen Cary of Contented Butterfly Farm in VT.  I thank them both for their generous time and sharing of their knowledge.

NHK episode 049 -Welcome Back


Thanks for listening!

So great to be podcasting after a fun summer filled with kids and activity.  This episode features an extended coop cast chronicling all the goings on since we last spoke.  There’s a giveaway of yarn from Andre Sue and BostonJen’s Riley Rose pattern which was recently released.  There’s blether about my new sock pattern and loads more knitterly chinwagging.

Little Bobbins Fall Project Bag


My goodness, we are just on the other side of the excitement to buy Little Bobbin’s Fall project bags available on The Woolly Thistle.  I want to apologize for the problems some of you encountered with a faulty link within the website.  My sincere apologies for that error and that it might have prevented you from having your chance at the bag.

The bags went on sale at 12p and by 12.02 they were sold out.  However, we all knew this would happen, they are Little Bobbins’ bags after all.  In anticipating lots of interest in the bags and knowing I have a very limited quantity of them, I decided to stagger the offerings.

The first offering was put up today.  The next time the bags will be available will be 7p EST on Monday, Sept 12th.  Again, there is a very limited number of bags so only a few will go up at this time.  There will be one more offering after that and then they will be sold out permanently.  Good luck!



Tamar DK, The Shawl Society & a General Update!

Untitled design-13

Prolific and talented shawl designer Helen Stewart of the Curious Handmade podcast released some hints yesterday about the latest shawl being released to The Shawl Society participants.  This will be shawl number 4 and Helen chose to knit it with Blacker Yarns Tamar DK.  Helen chose three colors for her shawl (Ottery, Gwindra and Tiddy Brook) however, she says, any combination of 3 colors will be beautiful.  How right she is!

In other Woolly Thistle news, the sale on WYS Cocktails yarns will be ending on Sunday (8/28/16) at which time that line will become unavailable.  Snatch up your 20% discount before Sunday by using COCKTAILS20 when checking out.

The Woolly Thistle has a very special new product launching in the next few days.  I can’t say any more about it except I think it’s the first time this product will be available inside the USA (usually only available from over the pond, and all those shipping charges etc etc).

And another very exciting addition will be arriving soon from England in the form of a beautiful and signature project bag made by a maker we all know and love.  This bag is made just for The Woolly Thistle and celebrates the Autumn (and all the woolly goodness Autumn brings).  I think you will be as excited as me to get your hands on this exclusive bag.

My sock design is coming along and will soon be ready for testing.  I will have samples in John Arbon Exmoor Sock yarn, Eden Cottage Yarn’s Milburn and a couple of other beautiful yarns stocked by The Woolly Thistle.  I’m thoroughly enjoying knitting them up and seeing the yarn come to woolly life in my hands.

Keep in touch on Instagram @thewoollythistle for shop updates, and for me in general @nh_knits.  I’ll be posting all these updates as they happen on IG.

Hope you’re all well out there and enjoying the last few days of Summer.  My sprogs return to school on Wednesday at which time I will boot up the mic and get blethering.  I’ve missed you all!




WYS update

West Yorkshire Spinners County Birds are back in the shop.  L-R (bottom row): peacock, wood pigeon, goldfinch, owl, bluest and kingfisher and their corresponding solids along the top row. Brand new to the shop is the Milk Bottle colorway which perfectly coordinates with…everything!  Heels and toes for everyone!

DSC_0654Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.02.00 PM